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NodeXL Pro requires:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows ™(XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office™ (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)

64 bit versions of Windows and Office are recommended (32 bit systems cannot use large amounts of RAM).

RAM: More the better!  4GB is enough to handle very small networks, 8GB for medium networks, 16GB or 32GB is recommended for very large networks (100K edges and above).

CPU: Most computers are now fast enough to handle network calculations. That said, faster CPUs are good for improving NodeXL’s performance. However, currently NodeXL is a (mostly) single threaded application that does not make use of multiple cores.


Gephi requirements :

Gephi is a cross-platform application, as it is developed in Java. It was successfully tested on many different architecture, OS and graphical configuration. Gephi requires Java version 7 and later, get it here.

Minimum hardware requirements

500 MHz CPU + 128 MB RAM + OpenGL 1.2
There is no absolute minimum. This is a practical minimum. Performance is a function of graph size.


Gephi uses an OpenGL 3D engine to speed up graph visualization. However a compatible graphic card is required. If your graphic card is older than 8 years, or if your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphic card, you may have to upgrade your hardware to run Gephi.

If you’re running on Linux, get latest vendor graphical drivers to ensure OpenGL hardware acceleration.


The current stable version of Gephi will only run with Java 7 or 8. On Mac OS X, Java is bundled with the application so it doesn’t have to be installed separately. On Windows and Linux, the system must be equipped with Java.